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Do you need help to develop your own product prototype or mini production but you have no time or expertise to do it yourself?

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Tech Expert Networks and Opportunities

Are you a CAD expert? a mechanical, software or electronic engineer?  a product or web designer? Social media expert? Do you want be work in the full spectrum of product development?  Join our team of freelancers and help others innovate.

We work with everyone ...

Abete Srs

B&B La casa dei Turchi

BM Group Spa

Brave New Alps

Cambria Srl

Carto Render Srl

Centro Moda Canossa

CFP Veronesi


Clenergy Srl

Della Giacoma Design

Eco Sistemi Srl

Everett Duklair Srl

Fablab Verona

Fabrica Ludens Srl

Factory Srl

Fiere e Congressi Spa

Green Building Council Italia



ICM Lift Srl

Liceo Maffei

Liceo Rosmini



Minimolla Design

Mobili Moretto

Nevicam Srl

Niu Tech Ltd

P-Soft Parking

Piconese Luca, Arch.

PietraNet Srl

Plumake Srl

 Progetto Manifattura

Quercia Lab

R220 Spa - EvWay

 Ri-Legno Srl

 RK Srl

 Scalfi & Eghenter

Sebastian Latz

 Sint Roc Srl

 Stripe Italia Srl

Technische Universität Berlin

 Trentino Svilippo

 Universita di Trento



 Zac Ligature

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