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Academy through Projects

We live in a world which keeps changing at increasing faster pace, there no more status quo in technology, no granted skills. So we need to keep learning, to go back being kids again and open up new opportunities.


At the Witlab Open Academy, new makers and innovators, the Witnauts, learn new skills by being challenged to built new projects, as teams, out of their comfort zone. We believe that, if being in the unknown becomes just routine, then is when true innovation - even personal innovation - happens.

Adult creative learning

At Witlab, we learn through MIT adult creative learning based on  kindergarden playing but for adults: we follow the learning spiral of imagine, create, play, share and reflect. We continuously prototype or pre-prototype  even before knowing well a new topic, to visualize and focus new ideas and imagine ways forward.

Being out of the comfort zone is the new comfort zone

Team projects are progressively more difficult, always a step out of what comfortably known.  Since we will inevitably fail, at Witlab we are trained to accept those failings as key elements of exploring. We learn how to manage them and keep them cheap and safe, so to quickly find out what does and does not work.

Driven by challenges and creative constraints

We also believe that, in technology development too, the human being is always in the center. So at Witlab we drive Witnauts by the challenges defining and integrating their projects. This let us think beyond the boundaries of systems and subsystems, be focused and team driven. We consider limits -as a finite budget-, only as creative constraints, which force us to explore alternative solutions and have creative insights.


Share and engage

We believe innovation is fully achieved only when it connects with the people. So most projects will be shared as open-source online and we regularly organize open-days at Witlab when the Witnauts engage with the general public on innovation and present their projects. We are also happy to host reporters and journalist to share our vision, show what we just created and what we hope to explore in future.

The entrepreneurial way to impact

Finally if some Witnaut team wants to move forward and make its project a self sustainable entrepreneurial reality and have a larger impact, we help them discuss their business model, set up their startup, and look for seed fundings to grow. Let's see how they will change the world.

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